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Why you Should Sell your Home in the Fall

4 Reasons Why This Fall Is the Right Time to Sell

Timing is important if you’re interested in selling your property. Now that the leaves are changing color, it looks like the right time to make a move is here.
Here’s why you should sell this fall.

• Low Interest Rates Are Attracting Buyers
Over the past few months, mortgage rates have been hitting record lows. This has attracted many would-be homeowners into the real estate market who are looking to take advantage of monthly payments that are easier on their wallets.
Combine that with the low number of houses up for sale right now, and you’ve got a recipe for a great deal. With more buyers in this kind of market, you’re more likely to close the sale faster and sell your property at a better price.

• People Are Resuming Their Real Estate Plans
Buying a house is a big decision – one that people only make with as much certainty as possible. But earlier in the year, certainty was in short supply. Many buyers chose to wait and see how events would unfold before moving forward with their plans.
Now that people have had time to adjust, the decision to buy a house might be back on the table. If you’ve put your selling plans on hold, perhaps it’s time for you to resume those as well.

• Serious Buyers Want to Move Now
The end of the year is fast approaching. That means the holiday season is also right around the corner. Do you think someone interested in moving wants to spend the holidays in their old place? Given the chance, they’re going to want to celebrate in their shiny new home!
Selling in the fall is an opportunity to find buyers that are motivated to move in quickly. This is the season where you can expect serious buyers instead of tire kickers.

• The Right Home Is More Important Than Ever
With remote work suddenly becoming the norm for many companies, their employees are having to spend more time at home. Because of that, things about their home environment that didn’t use to affect their professional lives are now becoming more apparent. If they have kids who had to shift to online learning as well, they’ll also want a space that’s conducive to their children’s education.
The typical homeowner’s needs are changing. Their current residence may no longer be enough to fulfill those needs. Your property might just be what they’re looking for!
Today’s sellers have a unique opportunity to make the most of their home. If you want the best chance in this market, you can count on Knob & Key. We’ll connect your property with qualified buyers to ensure a hassle-free and fair transaction. Contact us to get started on getting your house sold today.

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