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Why We've Partnered with

Our work in real estate is about helping people find their dream homes. At the heart of it all is a passion to serve others – and not just those within our reach. has been our long-time partner to fulfill this mission.

Why We Chose

The situation in certain parts of the world has led to ongoing tragedies such as refugee crises, human trafficking, extreme poverty, and oppression. In these places, providing marginalized communities with the support they need is difficult. It’s here where the organization focuses its efforts.’s goal is to end the injustices experienced in these places. They work together with the local community to address immediate needs and provide lasting support. Through their programs, they develop future leaders that will also uplift their community through acts of faith and service.

How They Help

It’s difficult to reach people in tough places. But even in the face of such obstacles, and their supporters have managed to make a positive impact.

Here are some of the ways their community has made a difference just last year:

  • 728 people received care and safe housing from trafficking
  • 7.1 million meals delivered
  • 800+ farmers equipped to support their livelihood
  • 1,203 people provided with quality education
  • 375 Hygiene kits provided
  • 181 Churches planted

Check out their full 2020 annual report here.

What Knob & Key Is Doing

We’ve worked closely with for over 10 years. On top of frequent donations, our team is also personally involved.

In October 2020, Knob & Key CEO Michele Ozymy ran a half marathon to raise money for their cause. Alan Simonton, our executive director, also joined during their outreach to Nepal to provide education for young women.

Now It’s Your Turn

When we learn about an injustice going on anywhere in the world, it’s in our nature to want to do something to help. Venture Miles is one way for you to take action.

Join Knob and Key’s efforts to support today! Knob and Key Realty has committed to donating $8,000 to and is counting on their team, their clients, and YOU to help them reach their goal of $36,000 to fund a border patrol station for a whole year! You can help them in raising these funds in many ways:

  1. Join their Venture Miles team here! Run, walk, bike, or hike and donate based on miles completed. Every $100 raised will fund a border patrol station for one day. Knob and Key has also partnered with Luke’s Locker to reward you for your efforts as well! Once you reach $100 in donations, you will receive a $25 gift card to Luke’s Locker as well as a Knob and Key x Venture t-shirt.
  2. Reach out to sponsors to donate for each mile you run
  3. Donate to on behalf of Knob and Key!
  4. Work with Knob and Key! For every home sold or purchased through Knob and Key, they will donate $250 to help reach their goal.

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