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Essential Home Cleaning For the Holidays

Indoor holiday decor with Christmas tree and fireplace

When guests are coming over for the holidays, you want your home to be as presentable as possible. The centerpieces in your living room and kitchen are particularly important because they’re the most prominent features in those spaces.

Here’s what you should do to get them ready for the season.

Clean Chimneys Keep You Safe and Warm

If you want Santa to bring your presents, he needs a way into your home. That’s what your chimney is for! But that’s not all. Chimneys also play an essential role in using your fireplace safely. And if it involves heat and flames, you should always take good care of it.

Chimneys provide the necessary ventilation to let smoke, soot, fumes, and toxins escape outside your home. As you use your fireplace, the combustion process causes particles to accumulate inside the chimney. If you don’t maintain it properly, those particles can build up and become fire and health hazards.

How to Clean Your Chimney

Depending on the condition of the chimney, you can either clean it up on your own or call in the professionals for help. If all you’re dealing with is simple soot, you may just need a vacuum cleaner and a bit of elbow grease to get the job done. But if there’s a buildup of creosote (a thick, black, and highly combustible residue) you should stop using the fireplace immediately until it’s cleaned by a professional.

A clean chimney will keep you safe, warm, and cozy throughout the season. Even Santa will appreciate staying soot-free as he delivers your presents.

Clean Countertops Help You Prepare Holiday Treats

The holidays are about celebrating with friends and family. Of course, that involves copious amounts of food. Whether it’s for dinner with your loved ones or just to entertain surprise visitors, make sure your kitchen is ready. You’ll need a clean and sanitized countertop to help you prepare all those delicious meals!

How to Clean Your Countertop

Before you start wiping down your countertop, the first thing you need to know is what material it’s made of. Marble, granite, quartz, wood, laminate, or whatever else you may have in your kitchen must be cleaned using the appropriate tools and cleaning solution. Otherwise, you may damage the surface of your countertop.

If you’re not sure, just stick to wiping the surface down using a microfiber cloth and warm water. That should do the job as long as there aren’t any particularly nasty stains. If that doesn’t work and you don’t want to risk ruining your beautiful countertop, hiring a cleaning service is worth considering. After all, you don’t want to put Santa’s milk and cookies on something filthy.

This time of the year can get pretty busy. Cleaning around the house may be the last thing on your mind. We recommend working with services such as Jeslyn Maids and Highland Park Housekeeping to help you keep up. Once your home is clean and comfy, that’s when you can truly start to enjoy the holidays.